About NotifySnack

Deliver messages and call to action using a smart, efficient way!

With NotifySnack you can make sure your website visitors will never miss an important message from you. NotifySnack helps you create beautiful notification bars that you can place on top of your website, where they are most visible. The placement and ingenious functionality of the notification widget will make your message stand out without annoying the visitors.

Let’s see a notification widget made with NotifySnack:

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Why should I use NotifySnack?

NotifySnack is such a versatile and powerful tool, there must be something you need from the list:
- increase your number of subscribers
- as a marketing tool (sell & promote)
- to display your favorite social content (dynamic RSS and Twitter feed)
- to drive traffic to landing pages
- greetings
- announcements

Where can I use the notifications made with NotifySnack?

NotifySnack can be placed on any website. It was tested and works great on: Webs, SquareSpace, Weebly, Jimdo, Blogger, Wordpress.org, Tumblr, SnackWebsites.

Need help with embedding your notification? Please check the following blog post.

NotifySnack Highlighted features:

Stylish and beautiful templates (more to come)
Display multiple messages at once
20 + font faces
Twitter feed
Rss feed
Mobile friendly
Easy to install
Free unlimited hosting
Flexible pricing system
Unlimited number of notifications

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