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NotifySnack's features & pricing

We have created premium memberships for companies, schools and individuals who use our apps on a constant basis. They work like this: you pay a monthly (or yearly) rate and you get access to all the premium features in NotifySnack/all SnackTools apps, as long as your subscription is active.

Get full access to NotifySnack for only $8/month or choose a Snack VIP membership for all SnackTools apps.
Features Free Notify PRO Snack VIP Snack Business
License for - NotifySnack all SnackTools all SnackTools
Unlimited number of notification bars -
Unlimited clicks -
Number of messages in a notification 1 up to 5 up to 5 up to 5
Number of views/day 10.000 25.000 25.000 Starting from 100.000
Embed code
Twitter and RSS feed
Unbranded -
Price* - $8/mo $24/mo $48/mo
Start now Buy now Buy now Buy now
* Billed yearly

Order as you go

Unlock premium features with points. The most practical way to get points is to order them as you go; when you need a few points to publish your notification bar, you can purchase the amount you need. However, it can be more cost effective to purchase points in bulk.

Activating the premium options costs 6 points per notification bar. You can only edit your notification bar for 24h when you unlock it with points, but it will stay premium forever.
10 pts $19 ($1.90/pt)
25 pts $39 ($1.56/pt)
50 pts Now only $59 ($1.18/pt)
$69 ($1.38/pt)
75 pts $89 ($1.18/pt)
100 pts $99 ($0.99/pt)
150 pts $129 ($0.86/pt)

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Payments are not refundable.