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Most common issues

Watermark and Limitations

1. How can I get rid of the watermark?
All the notifications created with NotifySnack get a watermark embedded on them (or other kinds of ads). You can remove it from "My NotifySnack" page by purchasing the premium embed code.
2. I have upgraded to Premium. Why does the watermark still show on my notification bar?
If the watermark still appears on your notification after you’ve activated the Premium options you need to clear the cache from your web browser and refresh the page.
3. What are the free version's limitations?
The free version of NotifySnack will apply a watermark on your notification bars and only the first message will be displayed.


1. Is NotifySnack free or do I have to pay for it? How many points do I need to buy?
NotifySnack is free and you have full access to all of its features, so you don't have to buy points to use it. However, if you want to remove the watermark from your notifications, you only have to pay 6 points to get access to the premium embed code for the widget. You can buy points here.
Alternatively you can get a Snack VIP membership which technically gives you unlimited points per cycle. You can use them in all SnackTools apps including NotifySnack.
2. I don’t understand the points system.
SnackTools points are the only currency you need to pay for the premium features throughout our applications. Points are required when you want to publish your work, the final step in NotifySnack. More precisely, you will need to pay if you wish to get a watermark-free embed. You can buy 6 points (that’s how much the premium options cost you for 1 notification bar) or you can purchase points in bulk. SnackTools points never expire so you can use them on current and future projects without concern for an expiration date.
Read more about it here: here.
3. What is the difference between points and the Snack VIP subscription?
With points you can unlock premium features for your notification widget and it will stay premium forever. You can only edit your NotifySnack for 24 hours when you unlock it with points.
The Snack VIP subscription gives you unlimited points (for all SnackTools applications) for as long as it’s active. When (or if) it expires, all your widgets will be watermarked. Any unused points that you might have before getting a Snack VIP subscription will remain available to use after the subscription becomes inactive.
Read more about points and Snack VIP here.
4. What happens when my Snack VIP membership subscription expires?
The Snack VIP membership is automatically renewed. However, if you choose to cancel your subscription or if your payment processor refuses the payment, your subscription will expire. In that case, the premium publishing options will become locked and you won't be able to use them unless you unlock them with points or you get a new subscription. If your monthly subscription expires and you don't wish to renew it, you can use points to unlock the desired items (will stay unlocked forever).


1. I cannot view my notifications. Why?
In order to view the notifications created with NotifySnack you need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. If JavaScript is disabled the notification will not be displayed.
2. I cannot find my notifications, even though I’m logged in and I go to “My NotifySnack”. Where are they?
This article will answer your question.


1. What browsers are compatible with NotifySnack?
The widget has been optimized to work on all major browsers including their mobile versions: IE 9 +, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Some templates are built using the HTML5 Canvas technology which isn't supported by older IE browsers. However the widget will automatically detect such browsers and a compatible version will load.
We strongly recommend you to use the latest versions of IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera for creating and maintaining your notifications.
2. How many notification widgets can I make?
You can create as many as you want!
3. What happens when I reach the maximum number of views/day?
If a premium notification hosted on our cloud exceeds the maximum number of views/day, a NotifySnack watermark will be displayed. If you intend to deploy your notifications on websites with huge traffic, we recommend you to consider our “Snack Business” plan where you can choose to buy more views/day.
4. Can I download my notifications and host them on my own server?
No. NotifySnack was not designed to provide downloadable notifications.

Publishing and Embedding

1. Will I lose the settings if I don't publish my notification?
No, you will always find the last version of your notification on the "My NotifySnack" page.
2. Can I edit a published notification?
You can edit notifications even after they're published. If you choose to activate the premium options, you will be able to edit your notification for 24 hours (afterwards it will become locked for editing). If you have an active Snack VIP membership you can edit your notifications without any limitations even after the 24 hour period.
3. How do I embed a notification bar into my blog or website?
It's very easy to embed notifications you created with NotifySnack. Just create your notification and when you're finished, click "Finish" and in "My NotifySnack" page, click on the "Embed code" option and copy the generated HTML code. Paste the embed code in your website source code anywhere inside the <body> tag.
If you want to embed your notifications on platforms like SnackWebsites, Tumblr, WordPress, Jimdo, Blogger, Weebly, Joomla, Drupal, Webs please check out the following article.


1. I’m interested in an affiliation or referral program. How can I contact you?
For partnerships, affiliation or private issues regarding your accounts, contact us via email at the following address: contact@snacktools.com.